That’s going to be the big questions this week as we try to launch the next three big things at once.

On Thursday night we will be launching our first book FRESH, our new website and our new Cook School.

Firstly the website which if you’re reading this you’ve obviously already stumbled across it. Thanks to Moca Web Design this is now your window into our world and hopefully we’ll be able to give you a bit of fun and maybe a little challenge. Look out for the facebook and twitter to follow once I’ve worked out what they are.

Next is the Cook School, which is really cool. From now on our home in the Bay will be the Wine Cellar at Mills Reef Winery. We will be doing a couple of classes before Christmas then settling in to a regular program in the New Year. Watch this space for regular updates.  We are awesomely proud to be able to announce that Fisher and Paykel have decided to join us in this and are in the process of designing and building a state of the art demonstration kitchen on wheels for us to use at Mills Reef and also to take on the road to any venue in New Zealand. Mills Reef Winery has to be the dream venue for a cook school, now you can come and learn then have a meal and a wee drinky at the end, that’s what life should be all about. Again watch this space to enjoy the trials and tribulations of a new cook school.

Finally the book. What more can I say except please go and buy it so that we can start on Book 2.

Join the fun and tell your friends !!!!!

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