So last week we launched the FRESH on the world, what a great night. Anne and I are so honoured with the support that we have received with our journey into the publishing world. We gathered at Books a Plenty, a perfect independent book store in Tauranga, enjoyed some beautiful wine from Steve Bird and a bit of food from yours truly.

Obviously I had to say a few words and dragged Anne and Simon Young, our photographer, along for the ride. Simon is very much more comfortable behind the camera but this night was as much about his amazing work as it was ours. Thankfully everyone was very kind and listened without too much heckling and then bought a few books. Thank you all for that.

You can tell that Anne and I are new to this as we turned up to our own book launch without a pen.  Of course that problem was immediately solved by Gemma, our wonderful publicist from Hachette. My mother always taught me never to write in books so basically the whole evening felt a bit like vandalism.

Once the formalities were over we all had the chance to enjoy the moment with a room full of the Bay of Plenty’s finest – what could be better? This is the moment that that we can thank a few people however we would be bound to forget so many, that said there are a few notables:

Jane Hingston, Peter Blakeway and Gemma Finlay

Jane Hingston, our wonderful mentor and also the Managing Editor at Hachette NZ, and Gemma Finlay the extraordinary publicist at Hachette NZ

Rick Lowe and Trevor Mitchell

Anne Butcher, Kay Mitchell and Linda Preston

Anne and Rick own the best restaurant in the Bay of Plenty, Somerset Cottage and although technically competitors have also been some of our biggest supporters. What’s more I’ve had endless hours of fun reading Anne’s Blog; I can only hope that I can learn to write with as much passion, wit and intelligence.

As for Trevor and Kay Mitchell and Linda Preston, they in different ways are very much a part of our future in the form of Matahui Lodge, where I’m the executive chef, and Mills Reef Winery, the new home of our cook school.

The team at Moca Web Design, who built all of this interweb thingy and who are trying to teach me how to use it…best of luck!!!

There are so many more people that have supported and helped us on this journey that I can only hope that you know who you are and that we are so grateful.

So the book is now off and running, the website is online (which you already know if you’re reading this) and the cook school at Mills Reef Winery is about to start. So what’s next? Well the idea is that I will update this blog as often as I can with a combination of my thoughts on food and the food industry as well as weekly recipes for you to try in your own kitchen. Please feel free to post a comment or follow on Facebook. Our journey with food is just beginning, join us and meet the people and food along the way…it’ll be a blast.

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