Wow, its amazing to see our book on the shelves of the bookshops, though it is odd to be in the middle of Jeremy Clarkson and Susan Boyle. Fresh hit the shelves late last week and will be officially launched at Books a Plenty in Grey Street Tauranga on Thursday 4th November. Catch the photos of the launch on this blog next week.

Writing our first book has been an unbelievable experience. For over a year now this has been notes on a whiteboard and ever increasing files on our computer, now to have a real book in our hands is a truly surreal joy.
We’ve had the pleasure of working with the wonderful people at Hachette New Zealand and of course our amazing photographer Simon Young. Simon was determined that Fresh would also be a Fresh take on food photography and boy has he pulled it off.

Of course now the scary bit starts as we see how well everyone likes our work. Hopefully everyone will rush out to their nearest book store and buy lots of copies for themselves and their friends for Christmas.

Meanwhile we will be starting on book 2, the yet to be commissioned yet to be started sequel to the yet to be sold Fresh.

Oh what a crazy world!!!

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