As a chef we use all of our senses when cooking, but as the old saying goes “we eat with our eyes”, this makes photography a vital component of food presentation. To my surprise my youngest son started his fascination with photography at the age of eight, and now four years later has upgraded his camera twice, been on Fair Go twice and has already done a paying photo shoot. In the same way that I believe taste and flavour is intuitive, Fraser’s natural understanding of when to press the button is astounding.Signature


                                           Fraser Blakeway

My name is Fraser Blakeway, I am thirteen years old and I attend Tauranga Boys College. My dream is to become a professional photographer. My passion for photography began when I first laid eyes upon our family camera and saw the possibilities. It took a few years but I managed to save up and bought my own camera at the age of eight. After that, the sky was the limit, and I took pictures of everything, from nature to rugby matches.




A couple of years later my beloved camera broke for some unknown reason and when I took it into the camera shop they said that I had over used it. I didn’t think that it was fair of Sony to design a product to break. So I emailed Fair Go and told them my story.