Cooking schools in New Zealand are not your typical academic institutions but are a cooler, funkier reflection of NZ personality. Peter’s passions for food transmits through his cook schools and live performances whether they be in the privacy of a clients home or on stage at one of many shows and events around New Zealand and Australia.


Peter is the ultimate free spirit of cooking and can demonstrate at any event, be it a small private class in a clients own home, a large event like a Home Show, Food Show or Field Days and even a corporate event for team building or health and wellness.


Looking for foodie heaven? You’ve just found it!

Peter offers a level of tuition not available with any other cook school or live cooking show.


It’s not all about Michelin stars; it’s about experience and understanding what people need to learn to be better cooks. We know people are interested in good food but our big question is: once you have people fired up to cook, how do you physically teach them? Chefs learn to cook by repetition, a combination of constant observation and trial and error. It becomes instinctive. This isn’t something you can’t just pick up in a day; unless someone knows how to teach it to you.

Learning how to get that instinctive, sensory, years-of-knowledge thing across was a long process for us. We had to adopt an easy to understand approach and develop a language that would allow people to understand the complex nature of good cooking without being terrified by what was involved!

A pinch of this and a handful of that was no longer sufficiently accurate. We identified the critical points in every dish and highlight them in our teaching. Out came our thermapen thermometers and we logged the exact temperature for perfection – not just for steaks, but for cakes, custards, shellfish the lot. After all, if we didn’t totally understand a dish, how could we possibly teach anybody to prepare it?

Our classes are designed to contain transferrable skills, so although you may master a set menu, the new skills will open up lots of new dishes to you.



Food and cooking are supposed to be fun and not a chore, so come along to explore the world of food with Peter Blakeway and prepare to be inspired.
Good food, good health and good farming practices are an inseparable part of the same process. As Lady Balfour, founder of the Soil Association, remarked: ‘health, whether of soil, plant, animal or man, is one and indivisible.


Whatever the Cook School, Live Cooking Show, recipe development or product launch you require contact Peter Blakeway to discover the endless possibilities.