Throughout history the one constant is the need to eat and to acquire food. From the moment we are born, we never stop eating or thinking about food and consequently as we get older, also talking, writing and reading about food.


If food is the most basic human necessity then cooking is the ability to transform nature into art. As a professional chef, I feel so lucky because there is no better way for me to make someone feel good, welcome, loved and respected than by preparing and sharing a delicious meal with them. What better way is there to express passion, love, history and family than through cooking?

Now add into the recipe my passion for local produce and our local food heroes, no matter where you live there are farmers , growers and food producers waiting to be discovered and eager to enthuse.Join me on a culinary journey; together we can transform the everyday into the spectacular.

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First day at the home show

It has been a great first day at the home show here are the recipes Chinese Crisp Roasted Pork   1 x 1kg piece fresh belly pork, boned but not skinned 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 tablespoon light soy

Tauranga Home Show 2013

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon   Serves 2 2 English muffins 4 pieces ‘Aoraki’ smoked salmon 4 poached eggs (see below) 4 tablespoons ‘Quick Blender Hollandaise’ sauce (see below)   Method Split each muffin, toast and butter.  Cover each half

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Cream Tea Anyone?

This is one of those recipes that is rooted in the history of food and lets be honest who doesn’t love a cream tea. Clotted cream is incredibly hard to find in New Zealand and so I thought I’d share