A few years ago I had the pleasure of a regular slot on BOP FM, a radio station in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand, with probably the best radio jock on the planet, Dave Ward. Wardies plan was to try to demystify the food industry and highlight some of the awfulness that happens to our food, henceĀ stirringĀ the pot.

All I can say is we had a blast, trying to be the voice of reason in a crazy world. Sadly the radio station closed down and Dave moved away to another station, I don’t think it was our fault, but we maybe didn’t help, there was one day when Dave and I went on a major rant about Macdonalds and the fact that weight watchers had sold out their loyal clients by joining forces with the golden arches. The owner of the station started desperately waving at the studio window, which we ignored until we’d gone a little too far. At the next commercial break we were informed that the station had just signed an advertising agreement with them and they weren’t happy, oopps.

So with Dave’s inspiration this is Stirring the Pot Part Two, every time I come across something in our food and food industry that I don’t agree with I’m going to share it with you, together we are going to challenge the establishment that frankly just wants us to shut up and buy their brand regardless of consequences. We’ll probably upset a few, but who cares, our food supply is more important.

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