As you can see there are a few different categories on my blog. This one is where I want to celebrate my food heroes, those people who have taken the decision that they can make a difference locally, nationally and around the globe.

A few weeks ago I needed some Kiwifruit for a function that I was catering, unfortunately the only ones available in the Bay of Plenty were imported from Italy, a truly insane situation in the home of Kiwifruit. As I drove away from the veggie store, seething, I was listening to a podcast from the BBC food program all about the amazing work of the Incredible Edible project in Todmorden, and all I can say is I had an epiphany, we live in the Bay of Plenty, a place so fertile that almost anything will grow and yet our stores are filled with imported food.

So the time has come to try to change things in our piece of paradise and reclaim New Zealand’s clean and green image. Lets share the ideas that are being tried and are working around the world.

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  1. Araújo
    July 23, 2012

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    i fully agree with you on that.

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