Every monday night the boys take it in turns to cook, tonight it’s Alex’s turn and he’s decided to do fajitas.

As much as it is important to eat together as a family, it is also vital that we pass on the cooking skill to our children. My dearest wish is that by the time our boys leave home they are both more than capable of looking after themselves. They’ll be the most popular students at university and who knows, they might be able to earn a few dollars on the side.

To often these days the family meal is not taken together, not in our house. I love the Italian idea of all eating together, after all how else do we find out about everyones day. It’s more than being nosey though, this is family time and it’s so important to us all.

Now to the recipe, this is a tricky one as it’s not mine and to be honest I have no idea what Alex put in. Except for the Bok Choy, which he didn’t want to use but I insisted, to use it up.

As I’m writing this the aftermath of a family meal is going on with Anne and the boys chatting excitedly by the fire. It just makes me smile that our two are just blabbering away about their day with no edge or attitude.

Enough for now, I’m off to join in, this is too good to miss.

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