I keep being asked for my seasoning recipe, and I keep forgetting to post it here. Sorry about that.


So here goes:-


Flakey salt

course cut pepper


mustard seeds

poppy seeds

cumin seeds

dried chilli

celery seeds

coriander seeds

fennel seeds








make up 80 % of the final quantity with salt and pepper. the remaining 20% to be some or all of the remaining spices. I tend to use more cumin and chilli in the winter as they are warming spices and more celery seed in summer as it is cooling. Make sue you have the turmeric and ginger for the health benefit. Use a pestle and mortar to roughly break down the seeds.


Mix all together in a heat proof bowl. Heat a large pan on a medium to high heat, when hot add a tablespoon of veg oil (rice bran would be good) and tip all the seasoning in. Being careful not to burn, panfry the seasoning to release and amalgamate the flavours,stiring all the time. Should take about 5 minutes depending on quantity (use your nose to sense the flavour release). Once good and hot tip back into the heatproof bowl and allow to cool before putting in a sealed contained in the pantry.


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