So what do a photographer and a chef do across the Christmas break. Well enjoy good food and good company of course!

What we have here is a leg of lamb on the BBQ at Simon’s bach in Waihi. Such a relaxed and beautiful day for everyone.

For years for us the Christmas celebrations were all about tradition and over-indulgence. However since moving to New Zealand we have been able to drop the whole traditional lunch with the table groaning with the weight of the food and replace it with the Kiwi long lunch interspersed with good old beach cricket and a spot of surfing.

Sometimes it’s just too easy to follow tradition and make a rod for our own backs. How often is the cook left in the kitchen with only a pile of food for company? Christmas is about family and friends and sharing food together is part of your expression of love, the important word here being sharing.

I hope you’ve all had a great break, put 2010 to bed and are ready to embrace the challenges of the new year.

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